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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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on what parents should tell a kid. violent videos sparking a community meeting in the east bay the clash between school band and an opposing football team. the teacher being hailed as a hero she pulled a former student out illustrator's car. >> pam: reagan is in the east bay at this hour at internet interstate is shut down for facing falls on the roadway one car. and the grant is here with more information
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>> grant: scene can see part of it right here in this picture goes on to both north and south from lands a 80 the fence right there on the car so take a closer look because of additional pictures minutes ago the chp was able to reopen self foul lanes and one of four northbound lanes all so open. beacon to the pieces of fence right here is the man is dark in that picture and the part offensives like it was used almost a crowd control situation. obviously the big question is how to cut the fence and get their fizzy over crossing no word on injuries when other three northbound lanes will reopen again one northbound lane getting by right now accrues still cleaning up all the debris in this cause a multi vehicle accident that car fire sofa a lot of cleanup for if they're off-again unclear how the heavy metal fencing fell on
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fears they 80 23rd street. >> pam: more breaking news out of the east bay a swarm of earthquakes strikes and san ramon to quakes within about the last half-hour some 50 quakes rattled in the area and not throw the dates today charles clifford joins us from san ramon tonight always unsettling order neighbor is telling you about these quakes. some of >> reporter: people thought all three today and let the people out here in the shopping center not hard to find folks who felt these they describe as a jolt and other people said there is extended shaking everyone fell to it and let's take a lesson. relative"big jolt. >> reporter: the shaking furniture falling over.
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>> reporter:, a few earthquakes here in the area lately in the the concern you? "all earthquakes concern me the kind of take it with a grand fall when you live in california" >> reporter: back live now people worry these quakes could be an indicator of something big happening. >> grant: this swarm started leslie rattled dishes nears a few nerves the biologists say these are actually somewhat typical in this region right here see how pesky 200
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earthquakes the last week 50 in the past 24 hours and one of the biggest magnitude 3.5 jolt of the tempo is picking up between 6:00 a.m. and in nine separate quakes from the and the 6:00 tonight 27. >> pam: s series of quakes has people wondering if they foreshadow a larger quake. or we get inside to what's happening on the fault line geophysicist of the phone with us now from usgs thinking you for joining us again. under this kind of storm signals a big one is coming. >> reporter: entirely true will
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definitely seeing a similar earthquakes for and basically her our previous federal colleagues and basically what happens as you get a sharp increase in a very reduced geographical area if it is a way but. the thing we need to make clear federal public there is no prediction we cannot take this as yea or nay it's easier feel something outside of the norm happens to be this case you need take in a proactive measures for caution that something happens if you're prepared if it doesn't then rob goode. >> pam:. for striking right now how long could this go on why in the center area..
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"ramon area earthquake related fall part of a larger system something we would expect to see and geological setting in terms of how long can go we do not know swarms' a very finicky and all depend on their geological setting. >> pam: is the viral video behind a hotbed of controversy and east bay apparent clash between school band opposing football team tonight we get to
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the bottom of this issue parents and students outraged school officials from deer valley high from its very high but today to sort out exactly what happened on the football field friday night in jail are stone was at today's meeting joins us live from pittsburgh. >> j.r.: this is a joint statement made by the antioch unified school district pittsburg unified school district was released. in the past 45 minutes i you read through at this point no arrests have been made no soon suspended no one has been fired and in the east bay outrage over this video showing pregame nearby pittsburg football game this past friday night to specific reasons first of the band went the deep fear valley high school football team was warming up and they continue
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playing the team continued warming of when the pittsburgh van started playing the national anthem fear valley high football team ran out as if they're going to stop that despite news from the crowd winston's tell us that some band members were touched and others that i those kind today. expert antioch unified school district issued a joint statement a series of miscommunications that occurred created confusion on the part of band members of ballplayers. . seven dozen the sablefish strikes have their own private investigation going on. it says that this incident involving football players band members were as regrettable and should not have occurred. >> pam: of the entire video
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thought our web site of so reporters entire interview with the deer valley high school football team kron4news-dot-com all com >> pam: new information tonight about a story we first brought you at 5:00 the guns stolen from a car of law-enforcement officers have francisco. from the off-duty officers car parked at payson howard street in the city. the story finds it just been and joins us live from the south of market neighborhood with what we learned to knife. >> reporter: not recovered the stolen gun officers telling me they're using extra precautions they believe that weapon is now on the wrong hands. "on the corner of faith and howard on sunday night visit personal handgun off duty chp officer stolen from his pre as
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the officer reported gone from his car 20 minutes and then came back to find a window smashed backpack with a loaded guy inside on if you left your gun as a vehicle in a way not locked in the trunk not locked in a box or a drug.-this neighborhood is the magnet for people to break into cars. >> reporter: the 211 here they tell us the scene planned targets here before. chp officer not working not a department weapon chp will investigate to see if the officer violated any policies. employees are handling the criminal investigation so far no arrests. if greg stewart
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explains house officers should store the weapons. >> reporter: the family of kate the young woman killed pier 14 the weapons stolen from law enforcement vehicle. brother tells me this is very upsetting news hopes that people will learn to lock up their weapons.. could think >> pam: he may save a young life setter elementary schoolteacher rescued the 11 year-old girl from a stranger's car tonight she's telling her story. >> reporter: this teacher's aide
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is incredibly humble tarpon to doing interviews she simply did what talk about herself as the story every parent and community member should hear unusual for sandra deflowers at work these were a surprise today one of her three jobs chat session as a teacher aide office helper cleaning lady on the weekend certified nurse's assistant. she makes the same driver morning down this street passing the same on friday. philosophe falling her intuition she went to go check on the girl now than the car with a stranger.
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. the swishy note to the office is wrong. with little girl the man told police arrived and they got their cops arrested 51 year- old son to go salazar facing kidnapping charges. support coming in from all over the country. principal. is bursting with pride. >> reporter: who she is never afraid.
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"so much attention >> reporter: the ball over in florida even some of the gulf fund made to raise money they get her a vacation one of the most incredible parts chita nation never really met this girl before and knew her face recognize her from her everyday walk to school band that was enough to let her know when something was wrong. >> pam: ahead tonight at 8 a tire slashings free in the east bay more than a dozen neighbors say they find the car is vandalized + fed up faith on the rapid sinkhole flocking access to east bay school next a community on alert a man made a series of attempts of kidnapping girls. and talk to a child safety expert about keeping your family safe.
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>> pam: 3 gold a push by man last night college avenue a popular shopping dining area guy as the girl to get into his van and then when they walked away he followed them for little while the girls screamed drove away berkeley unified school district spokesperson says that the district is now learning parents what happened. >> reporter: frightening it
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feels very. as like somebody to be a predator special our busy street very frightening to me at my be escalating. >> grant: 10 of guy and his late 20s and early 30th dark hair scruffy says police say that last month a man with a similar description park six blocks away at low levels will trying to get to girls and tisane. is the >> pam: incidents frightening alicea talk to a child advocate whose own daughter was kidnapped and murdered 21 years ago because live from berkeley.
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one-third"of all deductions and occur on school grounds are is attempted abductions happen and children either on their way or from school. mark was one of the foundation said perez should talk to their children about safety >> reporter: with a number of
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attempted abductions on the rise and holloway and a week away now great time to reintroduce the stranger danger conversation. >> pam: continue to make repairs to a massive sinkhole in union city before after look of a huge hole the video on the left take it last thursday on the right taken today the crews are ready fix the water main and fell will hold her new haven's 3 alzado middle school will remain closed until the work is finished crews working to fix that sinkhole since last wednesday it developed and on the list if it occurs expected to finish repairs by the middle of next week suspect behind bars tonight in connection to a tire slashing spree in san leandro happen at the park wide commons
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and certain complex over the weekend and police say that 16 residents contacted them about sunday morning to find their vehicles have been vandalized earlier today the police arrested a 35 year-old man in connection with the crime his name is not released and then officials have also not released a motive but they do say of the suspect has family members who live in the apartment complex. >> pam: whether leaving the scene warm temperatures coming back here we are almost the end of october. >> diane: 5 degrees cooler than average temperature this time of year that. will not last for too long as we have a warmup in place that will quickly jump things the '80s for invalid locations. live shot right now to the bay bridge toll plaza the clear skies the rest of the evening in an allocation these bay shoreline cities part of the south bay to. the jurors in the upper 60s for the valley and
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mid-60's east bay shoreline cities close 67 cisco on the missile locations wind speeds light breeze going on in dallas and our open hayward and san jose to evolve our livermore and then federal has come when speeds ahead for you 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for league squad is guys want me and then tablatures 54 for the coast 50 along the valley the noontime sun the warm conditions approaching notice the difference tomorrow but the big change record on wednesday for the seven fates degree difference in an collocations the butcher was daytime highs dealing with a satellite image showing the moisture associated with the weather system pattern to the north of us felt pushed out east from where we are at and then we have a high ridge pressure system off the coast makes its way in our region here come tomorrow and start progressing getting stronger as a week goes in afternoon highs 4:00 p.m. let low eighties for the valley copper '70s mid-70s
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east bay shoreline cities that also severances go for seventies as well 75 daily city-owned sfo 72 have monday fax 3 days for you with that the tuesday 1 wednesday gradually getting warmer as to get to the week how long that will last and is 74 past and are turned somber am not adverse released a deadly if oakland hills firestorm talk to survivors to say the images are still burn them to their memory and the next the cia's top officials have accused planning responsibility saying they will and the next the cia's top officials have accused planning responsibility saying they will release his personal e-mail's
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and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable. ♪
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personally now accounts of the cia director walesa kiri secretary were hacked. allege >> pam: attacker high school soon recently spoke to york post claims the cia director after private account had sensitive files including security clearance application and claimed here homeless to carry voice mail and another tack a lot for the official says it doesn't appear any classified information was breached fbi secret service investigating these allegations federal regulators sorriest during commercial drones department of transportation passport working on criteria registration could begin as soon as this holiday season and officials say the
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idea is to create a culture of accountability to keep up with skyrocketing popularity of groundfish safety of the concern recently drone's flying too close to commercial jets crashing sporting events and then interfering with aircraft fighting fires leaving plummeting and the white house lawn still had athelstan's hundreds of applications drugstore collecting people's personal information and then from after the penalty for having a health insurance about to jump dramatically how much shall be forced to pay for not setting off
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>> grant: news we fuller first call view that a a shutdown fencing falls from the overpass lands on a car creating multi vehicle accident car fire as well right now all north bound lanes of a be right under 23rd avenue close to get at the top the show there was zero northbound lane getting five but caltrans says that it's close its seven access the river crossing and figure out what happened and prevented from happening again ec defense and they're on the vehicle all southbound lanes are back open and the whole thing north and south a 80 close for about an hour this afternoon with this afternoon early this evening all this was going down still a big traffic mess people being
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diverted on 29 be where all northbound lanes of a 80 oakland close once again and we can be posted federal penalty for the health-insurance of the jump his people's wallets pretty hard millions of people could face right over last year's healthy $695.20 0.5% of taxable income if people don't set. >> pam: 0 administration urged to use the cold fact of the pitch for health care signups because insurance is cheaper than paying the penalty. >> pam: vanning hundreds of applications learning that they were collecting their personal data analytic service call source of dna a chinese at company gathering data about the people who downloaded the applications e-mail addresses said to the server is no word
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yet which applications affected in the meantime 256 fax applications, banned from being applications >> pam: 40 about drinking alcohol while being pregnant been called a hero after sitting children from a nice wielding man and more than 20 years later stars have not healed tug of people the survive 1991 of the hell fire storm.
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>> pam: monstrous fired nearly a quarter-century ago. inferno of some deferrals memories today as it just happened 24th anniversary 1994 east bay firestorm fees that killed 25 people burned down more than 3000 homes are of very own lost her home and sharing the experiences. >> reporter: something never forget the sky was black with
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smoke to clear the looked awful like a war zone. back the neighborhood to see was changed back. what was the fire is unknown with a walk. >> reporter: home burned down time hasn't necessarily feel balloons. never know something so traumatizing happened out on the surface.
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does. if we're allowed to go back to examine the rubble. hard to watch a home dog burned and the blaze. two people died out sever home and his philosophical. "and this see people going through that and feeling like their life is completely devastated the cause to talk to them a say something good does take time those who lost homes and about a fire last month eventually do pick up again much
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easier to experience through the rearview mirror. >> grant: the field of alcohol while pregnant and recommendation american academy of pediatrics. report, " association says that no amount of a calder and pregnancy is guaranteed to be safe. like drinking like a glass of wine the year increases the odds of birth defects developmental delays. festa completely abstain. >> pam: residence eased nevada community upset about a proposed sports complex health and field the developer says of the complexes for the kids many residents in the area say it is a bad plan will make life miserable draft bush live in the motto of committee meeting is still underway with the now. >> reporter: here in bel marin not too far away from the sports complex over hamilton field
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allow people who live here say they were not properly informed about the project and not feeling like they're these voices are being heard. >> reporter: nevada planning director and earful on monday night a plan to develop a large complex less than a mile away residents fuming at the idea. . one of the concerns traffic is letter also reasons neighbors are opposed to this project.
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. developer says he's heard these concerns believes he's made changes that will make everyone happy. traffic"letting parking all those are going to be addressed and the new site plan and certainly the edges about weapons wildlife addressed in the environmental impact none of which have been released f. >> reporter: of those will not be completed for another six months. so this story is good to be continued. >> pam: still had faced unveils an unusual new feature to warn users about spying save children don't calm the hero the man who risked his life to stop a knife attack will temperatures to this
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by warm-up implicitly all about a coming up next in your extended forecast.
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>> grant: 9 election being called a hero of protecting this country but saving kids in his chess club james turning head coaching a library last week and 19 year-old guy ran and holding two knives say he is going to kill someone burn in spring and getting the kids of the room was the left things turn violent
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7619 the suspect what is saddam with a knife cutting to arteries attended as lefthand able the type found disarm the guy minutes before police arrived the guy was arrested for and crafts his knife fighting trading 50 + years ago in the military surgery the like the hero word that's what he did take courage. >> pam: as we were all getting adjusted to the fall like temperatures are going out the door for office week, >> diane: and the hot pumpkin spice lot to say a cold one the next two days here comes we warm things up especially if you live on the valley it will be made of brady's their east bay shoreline cities in the '80s as well all i clear skies tonight as he see a live camera there golden gate bridge normally we have will clouds but already rolling in at this hour is says is clear skies all-around indication of what to expect for tomorrow as well site for you will continue the trend. and temperatures in asserting
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a.m. tomorrow morning they will start slightly lower. >> diane: sunny warmth 45 for the valley cemetery bayside cities were dealing with a warm- up no moisture in our area here yesterday to a today this morning will contain the pushout east leftover remaining and that with the system of the north of us for now higher if pressure system coming off the coast and with a six in the area to our morning pre much stays in place for good portion of the work week relief into a clear skies campbell, pictures of about five degrees warmer in the nearby locations peninsula high similar to today not to move over till the 84 san leandro oakland alameda yield difference there 4 degrees warmer shot dead and allocations 5 to 7 degrees
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warmer so clear skies warming trend starts tomorrow a modest warm-up starting tomorrow enough a friday you notice the difference with the temperature is few clouds in the sky no. this city is tomorrow dealing with pretty much follow '80s 82 sonoma fairfield 85 degrees and then seven day forecast for you warming trend will take place pretty much of a week for us and try and bury see clause in the skies and of see the cloud cover saturday sunday monday next week we circling things down again. >> pam: media's i will begin warning its users when the government is attacking their accounts. says that will notify users if it believes set an account has been targeted compromised someone working for the government than users can then unable factor authentication log approval of the company said that will only issue the warning when strong evidence no reaction from the government on face folks announcement to that coming off
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we go deepened to the people behaving badly archives introduce you to the no drones' own some pilots who didn't get the memo. and then the sports not the highly in the big apple and two players local ties dominate a else yes game 3 north of the border highlights all sports coming up next.
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>> pam: sister registering commercial jones program could start as early as the holidays but did you know their own already rules governing how and where drones could fly tonight we did find the people behaving badly archives which is fed with family and the pilots flying high until they got caught.
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. back a few the to allow this conversation. man standing on the overlooking several cisco but carefully and see plan if claude conference call ms. which happens to be federal property united states park showed up the habitat a moment i this happen to be at the location
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>> reporter: owner keeps the he is drawn example to show others you shouldn't fly your aircraft over federal property by his $500. >> gary: baseball player at
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playoffs there were off today in canada since 1993 playoff lighten out beautifully kansas city to nothing colorado rocky in the pro season 62 at this juncture former aide joshua of sen people with local ties guy and runs kansas city rolling at this point in kansas city credits. they keep coming backing that was 118 the. file but not two games to one roils still lead the series game for tomorrow in toronto. barry pending in the retirement today
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sort of speak derek has a newspaper route called a players tribune the elf a 37 said that's set career mark hundred 65 wins hundred 43 losses the giant and he contributed the world series in 2012 official he retires and this young fellow id martina's reportedly agreed to $2.5 million deal with the giants earlier this month that cobb's stupid and said it will give you $500,000 more he the quiet and shy with us there is 20 years of age international markets hockey tonight madison square garden shirt off to a good start third.
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one side but there all of the york sharks of four wins to losses fact, the clicking on thursday night i love the garden we saw dominic the to and a fuse ago is with the buffalo sabres as funny madison square garden a lot of bigger arenas something when you walk in there you feel like your reading. >> gary: i played third game in college spectrum against lasalle if you like to take a
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self picture inside your home town send it to us at your from the detroit hugo the weeks to go guy get a new quarterback ok
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baltimore ravens 40 niner green bay packers florida is a dallas cowboy a protein that verdict yesterday touchdowns no reception jim thomas to a cassette their infield pay to and for just like our opponents thursday night seattle sports so sunday night and nine like with this self picture is said to us from a high school game have a shot in the game and just completed krantz philadelphia eagles there is the statue great rocky with the pc frazier eli
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manning the final and and familiar with the giants here a couple weeks ago the impasse the forty-niners paul e. gilsonite 27 1/7 earlier tonight we had a kid from san jose braun his horizons joe frazier and have a statue there stallone but joe frazier for a long time did not have one.
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if >> pam: spigots' with the movie are on sale and a look at the new trailer straight ahead
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>> grant: see on the internet and that chp to putting out 100 yds of fencing fell on a 820 third avenue at eight vehicles were involved in a crash result of a car fire trying to clear out the debris right now self, and is moving north found a 80 remains shut down a bizarre
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incident that has a hundred yards of heavy-duty fencing news ourselfs. >> pam: played a bit longer than expected so great in london on line booking systems most of the feeders chains crashed and fans now getting in the act trailer was released minutes ago
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